Furniture Movers – For Your Local Purchases

Facebook marketplace and Craigslist offer some of the best second hand furniture shopping in Idaho. Finding a new couch or table has never been easier! Unfortunately, this style of shopping requires a truck and someone strong enough to move it. And making the whole process even more difficult is finding and hiring furniture movers. It’s a tough situation if you don’t know where to look, lucky for you, Bluebird Moving offers furniture moving services for one-off purchases.

Buying And Moving Craigslist/Marketplace Furniture

furniture movers in Boise

Boise is a fast growing urban area where everyone and their mother is moving to and calling the Treasure Valley home. Benefits of the surging population include a burgeoning second-hand furniture market and there are tons of new and interesting pieces going up for sale all the time. People bring their entire houses with them when they move to Idaho from places like California. Our second-hand market is saturated with all types of furniture and every style you can think of. As a moving company, we leave the decorating to the homeowner and with so much choice, we have many repeat customers. People are always buying a new couch or table and then reselling it and purchasing a different piece. It’s a new and growing moving industry, and it’s exciting to be a part of.  

The coolest part of our job is working with repeat customers and helping them get the look and feel they want in their home. Sometimes people want new furniture just for a party they are having and then they will swap everything out for something different in just a couple months time.

Bluebird movers are strong and capable and our trucks are always on the move. People looking for furniture movers are generally flexible with their moves. We prefer to schedule a furniture move between longer moves, a service we also provide for the community. And because our trucks are always driving about the Treasure Valley, it’s not hard to pick up a couch from one end of the valley and bring it to its new home. 

Boise Furniture Movers

Finding good help for your one-off furniture moves has never been easier.  The recent explosive growth of online shopping and the new found popularity of Facebook Marketplace reflects the demands of the local community. Not everyone owns a truck or is physically strong enough to move their own furniture. And even those that are still seek out professional help for the simple reason that we make lives easier. We help people from all age groups and are happy to provide assistance for those seeking it. Not every moving company provides a service for one-time moves such as this. It’s one of the fastest growing services we offer and we are happy to have such a supportive community. Boise is once again pioneering an entirely new moving service, another reason we love living in the fastest growing city in the country. . Bluebird Moving provides furniture moving for the entire Treasure Valley. Don’t hesitate to buy that new piece of furniture you’ve found, contact Bluebird and have us get the job done for you.